Bombas vs. doublesoul: Find Your Sole-Mate

I rock sneakers every day, which means I wear socks every day. I work out in them, I live life in them, and when I kick my shoes off at the end of the day I keep the socks on to chill. I’m always going for classic white socks because they match everything, but occasionally I switch it up with colorful high socks to add a pop of color to my outfit. But I never realized how much of a difference a good pair of socks would make until I put doublesoul and Bombas to the test.

When I first tried my new favorite, I was immediately blown away by how comfy and high-quality they are. I don’t have to worry about them slipping down, my feet feel more supported and don’t hurt at the end of the day. Here’s how the two sock brands compare:

If you want socks that are cushiony and comfy… doublesoul

Bombas socks have a comfy blended material, I’ll give them that. But are they anti-chafing, breathable, aerated, and double-cushioned on the bottom? That they are not; that’s the mark of doublesoul alone. The big one for me is the arch support that doublesoul’s cushiony bottoms provide—that’s how and why wearing these socks all day is an amazing experience. Also, for someone like me who likes high socks, doublesoul socks have the perfect hugging tension to keep them up without me having to think about it.

If your style lends itself to pops of color… doublesoul

Whether you want to make a statement with your socks or not, doublesoul has you covered. They have both high socks and ankle socks depending on the fit you like, and they’ve got basic whites, blacks, and greys as well as the best, unique colors. I’m wearing the Powder color right now, and they are the prettiest periwinkle-blue hue, but I own every color they make because their bundles just make it a no-brainer. I need to get my hands on the limited edition hibiscus pink socks next because not only does $1 from each pair sold go towards supporting Breast Cancer research but the bold color is stunning.

Bombas definitely has colorful socks, but their colors and patterns are pretty busy, which to me means they’re meant to be worn under pants and shoes and not as part of a clean outfit.

If you’re looking for more sock types and other basics…Bombas

doublesoul has an impressive color range but is limited on sock types, just high and low options for everyone. The brand has nixed gendered sizing so that shopping on its site is a welcoming and comfortable (literally) experience for everyone. Meanwhile, Bombas has all types of socks in different height options that cater to different activities. There is also a kid’s range and you can find other basics like t-shirts, underwear, and slippers.

If you want socks that support your sustainability efforts… doublesoul

If you take a look at the fabric content of Bombas socks, you’ll see between 16-26% recycled cotton in just one type of socks they carry. doublesoul is going big on sustainability with 47% recycled polyester, 35% recycled cotton, 16% nylon, and 2% spandex, and they’re working toward fully recycled materials. Their threads are Global Recycle Standard-certified and super freaking soft, plus they’re dyed with OEKO TEX-certified dyes, meaning they’re safe for your skin and low-impact on the planet. These socks are made in a family-owned facility in Turkey, which upholds safe working conditions, ethical labor practices, and top-tier sanitary conditions.

My winner is… doublesoul

If I haven’t made it clear enough by now, let me tell you my obvious winner is doublesoul socks. Bombas is a tough competitor, but doublesoul’s ridiculous comfort and support, minimalist style, sustainability, and ethics all add up to a brand I’m proud to wear and support.

This article was originally published on My Subscription Addiction.